Top Stocks Under Rs 20 – Financials & Complete List of Stocks

When a headline reads, “Ranjan Khanna’s portfolio penny-stock turns multi-bagger,” or it can be, “XYZ stock with a price less than Rs. 20 per share becomes Rs. 200.”, then one would be able to realise after reading the news that it is no longer a penny stock. While one may be a novice investor hoping to buy low-quotation stocks or a value-hunter among small-caps, one thing is clear, such stocks can be a rags-to-riches story. While the investor appetite for such fundamentally strong stocks is huge, the availability is in short supply, while a quick run on screener fetches some 1,200 companies trading in the market with a share price of less than Rs. 20 per share.

Top Stocks Under Rs 20

Yes Bank Ltd

It is an India-based private sector bank engaged in providing banking services, including corporate and institutional banking, financial markets, investment banking, corporate finance, branch banking, business, transaction banking, and wealth management, while its segments include treasury, corporate banking, retail banking, and other banking operations, whereas the Treasury segment includes investments, all financial market activities undertaken on behalf of the bank’s customers and trading, also maintenance of reserve requirements and resource mobilisation from other banks and financial institutions, while the Corporate Banking and Retail Banking segments include lending, deposit-taking, and other services offered to corporate and retail customers respectively, and other banking activities, whereas its products and services include digital salary account, savings account, current account, YES First, online banking, net banking, and debit card.

  • Market Cap- ₹ 41,215 Cr.
  • Current Price- ₹ 16.4
  • High / Low- ₹ 17.9 / 10.8
  • Stock P/E- 35.2
  • Book Value- ₹ 13.5
  • Dividend Yield- 0.00 %
  • ROCE- 4.96 %
  • ROE- 3.21 %
  • Face Value- ₹ 2.00

Vodafone Idea Ltd

The company is engaged in the business of mobility and long-distance services, whereas it provides pan-India voice and data services across second-generation (2G), third-generation (3G), and fourth-generation (4G) platforms. Its business services provide communication solutions to global and Indian corporations, public sector and government bodies, small and medium enterprises, and start-ups, whereas it offers voice services, broadband services, and content and digital offerings, while its other services include entertainment services, such as sports, interactive voice response (IVR)-based content, the wireless application protocol-based games; voice and short message service-based services, such as caller tunes; voice and short message service-based services, such as caller tunes; voice and short message service-based services, such as caller tunes; voice and short message service-based services, such as caller tunes; voice and short message service-based services, such as caller tunes; voice and SMS chat; voice and SMS; and utility services, such as missed call alert.

  • Market Cap₹ 29,068 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 9.05
  • High / Low₹ 16.8 / 5.85
  • Stock P/E
  • Book Value₹ -19.3
  • Dividend Yield0.00 %
  • ROCE%
  • ROE%
  • Face Value₹ 10.0

UCO Bank

It is an India-based commercial bank, and the bank’s segments include Treasury Operations, Corporate Banking Operations, Retail Banking Operations, and Other Banking Operations, while the bank offers personal banking, corporate banking, international banking, and rural banking services; whereas the bank’s personal banking includes deposits, loans, and debit cards; while corporate banking includes loans, deposits, value-added services, and micro and small enterprises (MSME); while international banking includes foreign currency loans and remittances; and rural banking includes agriculture credit, financial inclusion, and MSME; whereas the bank’s loan portfolio includes education loans, gold loans, home loans, personal loans, and car loans; and its other services include government business policies and an equated monthly instalment (EMI) calculator.

  • Market Cap- ₹ 14,347 Cr.
  • Current Price- ₹ 12.0
  • High / Low- ₹ 15.3 / 10.5
  • Stock P/E- 15.1
  • Book Value- ₹ 19.7
  • Dividend Yield- 0.00 %
  • ROCE- 4.08 %
  • ROE- 4.26 %
  • Face Value- ₹ 10.0

Suzlon Energy Ltd

It is a provider of renewable energy solutions, and the company is a producer of wind turbines. While it offers a range of solar energy solutions, such as solar irradiance assessment, land acquisition, and approvals, infrastructure and power evacuation, supply chain, installation and commission, and life cycle asset management, the S111 is designed for higher energy generation and is available in various variants of 50 Hertz (Hz) and 60 Hz, whereas it also offers a combination of an asynchronous induction generator with a six-pole design and a doubly-fed induction generator to enable optimum operations in variable wind speeds. The S120 is a wind turbine generator built on the 2.1 megawatt (MWs) platform. The S120 is available in various variants: S120-105 metre (m), S120-120m, S120-140m, and S120-140m. The S128 consists of a rotor diameter of 128 meters.

  • Market Cap- ₹ 8,027 Cr.
  • Current Price- ₹ 8.20
  • High / Low- ₹ 13.1 / 5.90
  • Stock P/E-
  • Book Value- ₹ -3.83
  • Dividend Yield- 0.00 %
  • ROCE- 21.1 %
  • ROE%-
  • Face Value- ₹ 2.00

Punjab & Sind Bank

It is an India-based bank, and the bank operates through four segments: Treasury Operations, Corporate/Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, and Other Banking Operations. While the bank’s international banking services include non-resident Indian (NRI) services, export/import services, foreign exchange (forex) treasury and gold card schemes, among others, its products and services include PSB premier saving account, PSB premier current account, fixed deposits, recurring deposit account, tax saver, public provident fund, pension account, sukanaya samriddhi scheme, apna vahan, education loan, and excellence-education loan, among others, and its digital banking includes retail Internet banking, corporate Internet banking, aadhaar seeding, aadhaar seeding, aadhaar seeding, aadhaar seeding, aadhaar seeding, aadhaar seeding, unified payment interface (UPI) and SMS banking, among others, and its social banking, which includes government schemes and pradhan mantri yojan It has approximately 1531 bank branches.

  • Market Cap- ₹ 10,675 Cr.
  • Current Price- ₹ 15.8
  • High / Low- ₹ 20.0 / 12.5
  • Stock P/E- 9.98
  • Book Value- ₹ 20.7
  • Dividend Yield- 1.97 %
  • ROCE- 4.99 %
  • ROE- 9.29 %
  • Face Value- ₹ 10.0

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