Top 7 Agriculture Companies in India 2022

top agriculture companies
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It has been a known fact that the agriculture sector has always been one of the most important industries in the Indian economy, in which almost 60% of the country is engaged in the field of agriculture while it contributes almost around 20% to the Indian GDP. Naturally, agriculture and other allied activities are the key to domestic consumption, and in order to ensure the food security and fair share of exports, India has tremendously increased its production in agriculture in variety and volume, which then translates to the change in the agricultural industry which has now significantly impacted the growth of the agrochemical industry, making India one of the biggest consumers of agrochemical products across the globe, while the rapidly rising population and ever-increasing need for economic growth along with food production are some of the factors contributing to the growth in this particular industry, and in addition to this encountering various problems such as soil degradation, dearth of water supply, scarcity of land due to urbanization and so on and this is the issue that is further driving the farmers to use agrochemicals products in order to sustain, deployment of ‘Kisan Drones’ to promote crop assessment, digitization of land records, spraying of insecticides, and nutrients, has now greatly benefited the farmers, and this has a very positive implications for the industry as it provides the necessary push to the agriculture sector.

Top 7 Agriculture Companies in India 2022

1. UPL Ltd.

This company was founded in 1969, which is now the largest and top agriculture company in India. This company manufactures and markets crop protection products, intermediates, and specialty chemicals, amidst other industrial chemicals. Their agricultural products also include agrochemical products, seeds, etc., and their non-agro segment has also been producing industrial chemicals. Nutri feeds, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, rodenticides, etc.. This Indian MNC is one of the top 5 players in the global agrochemical industry, with its products being sold in over 150 countries. Approximately 70% of its revenues have come from locations like Latin America, Europe, and the US for FY 2020. Its global reach is now one of the biggest advantages the company has, as the agriculture industry is cyclical in nature depending on when crops are being grown in different regions, and at the same time dependent on monsoon rains, etc., which allows the company to reduce its risks and be irrespective of what happens in one region. 

  • Market Cap₹ 57,204 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 749
  • High / Low₹ 848 / 608
  • Stock P/E14.1
  • Book Value₹ 323
  • Dividend Yield1.36 %
  • ROCE15.6 %
  • ROE16.7 %
  • Face Value₹ 2.00

2. PI Industries

Incorporated in 1946 as Mewar Oil & General Mills Ltd., after setting up an Agchem plant in its early years, the company has also diversified into the mining and mineral processing business, which has later split off into a different entity. The name of the company was later changed to PI Industries. While the company’s products include a wide range of domestic agricultural inputs, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, etc., the company currently has eight multi-purpose plants in Gujarat. In addition to this, the company also has a strong export business for custom synthesis and contract manufacturing.

  • Market Cap₹ 49,005 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 3,230
  • High / Low₹ 3,535 / 2,334
  • Stock P/E53.4
  • Book Value₹ 403
  • Dividend Yield0.09 %
  • ROCE17.3 %
  • ROE14.7 %
  • Face Value₹ 1.00

3. Bayer Crop Science

It is a subsidiary of the German pharmaceutical and life sciences company Bayer AG. While being one of the top international players in the field, the company offers Indian farmers various innovative and world-class products. Its products include fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, seed growth, plant growth regulators, and other crop efficiency products. This company recently strengthened its position in the market through the acquisition of another company in this particular sector, i.e., Monsanto India Limited.

  • Market Cap₹ 24,291 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 5,405
  • High / Low₹ 6,130 / 4,101
  • Stock P/E37.3
  • Book Value₹ 562
  • Dividend Yield0.46 %
  • ROCE30.9 %
  • ROE23.7 %
  • Face Value₹ 10.0

4. Coromandel International

This Indian company was founded in the early 1960s by EID Parry and 2 other US companies, IMC and Chevron. It is one of the leading producers of fertilisers in the country and has now developed a strong presence in South India. This company has over 800 rural retail outlets which are across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, and each retail store meets the needs of approximately 5000 farmers in the 30-40 villages surrounding it. While its main products are fertilizers, pesticides, and specialty nutrients, the company has around 16 manufacturing units across the country, which has allowed the company to have a 3.5 million-ton capacity in CPC, accounting for 22% of production capacity in India. 

  • Market Cap₹ 30,818 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 1,049
  • High / Low₹ 1,077 / 709
  • Stock P/E18.3
  • Book Value₹ 216
  • Dividend Yield1.12 %
  • ROCE34.7 %
  • ROE26.6 %
  • Face Value₹ 1.00

5. Godrej Agrovet

Founded in 1990, it is a part of the Godrej conglomerate. This company is one of the top agricultural companies in the country which produces bird feeds, animal feeds, agrochemicals, poultry-based products, and palm oil plantations. While the company is also one of the largest producers of animal feed in the country with a capacity of 10,57,000 tons, which includes products for dairy cattle, broilers, and aquaculture. The company is also one of the largest palm oil developers in India, and their plantation extends to over 55,000 hectares spread across around 8 states, which includes Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Maharashtra, Orissa, and Mizoram. 

  • Market Cap₹ 9,512 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 495
  • High / Low₹ 714 / 441
  • Stock P/E24.6
  • Book Value₹ 118
  • Dividend Yield1.93 %
  • ROCE18.0 %
  • ROE19.3 %
  • Face Value₹ 10.0

6. Rallis India

It is a subsidiary of Tata, being one of the oldest companies in the country, tracing its roots way back to the 19th century. This company produces various agricultural products which include seeds, seed chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. The company is estimated to have a customer base of over 5 million farmers, and in addition to this, the company also has a strong R&D infrastructure situated in Bangalore.

  • Market Cap₹ 4,381 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 225
  • High / Low₹ 325 / 182
  • Stock P/E29.4
  • Book Value₹ 87.2
  • Dividend Yield1.31 %
  • ROCE13.6 %
  • ROE10.2 %
  • Face Value₹ 1.00

7. Bharat Rasayan

Founded in 1989, it manufactures technical-grade pesticides, pesticide formulations, and other intermediates. The company is engaged in the production of raw materials which are then further used for the formulation of pesticides. This company has rightly recognised the need for advanced agrochemicals and infrastructure, which has helped them to provide better solutions for farmers, which also includes irrigation facilities, warehousing, and cold storage.

  • Market Cap₹ 5,013 Cr.
  • Current Price₹ 12,065
  • High / Low₹ 14,400 / 9,438
  • Stock P/E27.8
  • Book Value₹ 1,857
  • Dividend Yield0.01 %
  • ROCE28.4 %
  • ROE24.0 %
  • Face Value₹ 10.0

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