Decarbonising cement is the need of hour

Kolkata, December 14

Decarbonising cement is the need of the hour and it is important to invest in research and development to come up with suitable solutions to ensure sustainable operations, said Shashi Panja, State Minister-in-Charge, Department of Industry, Commerce & Enterprises.

“The R&D industry is witnessing a surge, so innovation in technology should be our prime concern. Cement is the second most used resource after water. We now know the importance of electric scooters, electric cars and battery trucks which have a lot of room to contribute to our environment,” Panja said at the 5 th Cementing India Conference organised by ICC here on Wednesday.

“According to reports, China is leading the industry in the cement sector but the Indian government is taking initiatives to reduce the consumption. Industrial research will help us to understand solutions for carbon emission, carbon storage, and waste management,” she added.  

Innovative methods

Talking about the the rising demand for cement in developing and third world countries, she reinstated the need for companies to be carbon conscious and called for the chief sustainability officers to adopt more innovative methods to regulate the clinker to cement ratio.

According to Manoj K Rustagi, Chief Sustainability & Innovation Officer, JSW Cement, concrete is the most used material across the world, as it is a sustainable construction material.

“Firstly, it is very important to understand manufacturing with raw materials like calcium carbonate. We should reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, tyre and other resources and alternatively use raw material which has calcium oxide. Through this method we will be able to grow sustainably. The best example of this is the use of clinkers which best substitutes cement and helps in ecological development,” he said.

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