Charges and fees

WolfCFD gives the vast majority of its financier administrations free of charge. We keep our expense strategy
straightforward. That implies assuming we want to charge you, we will ensure these expenses are clear initially.
Our expenses are for the most part founded on spread charges, which are serious across the market.

Why pay more?

At WolfCFD. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more cost-effective service anywhere else. That’s why we’re committed to providing practically all of our services for free – so you can rest assured there will be no surprises. Buy/Sell spreads, which we know to be the best in the business, are used to compensate us for our services.

Low commission

Unlike our competitors, WolfCFD has no fees for trading.

Check a specific instrument's spread and overnight costs.

Where do we make money?

WolfCFD is compensated for its services by the Buy/Sell spread in exchange for providing you with the greatest trading experience. It’s simple: you ‘pay’ the spread – the difference between the Buy and Sell prices – when you establish a new position. The spread is always included in our advertised fee, and you will never be charged extra for it. Because the spread price fluctuates by instrument, the easiest approach to verify the spread for your chosen instrument is to look at the live spread information available for each financial instrument on the website, as well as on the mobile and web platforms.

All deposit and withdrawal fees are covered by us.

For a reason, we’ve been named the Best Trading Platform and Most Innovative Broker: we cover all deposit and withdrawal fees. Your bank or payment issuer will charge you any fees you incur when moving money to and from your WolfCFD’s account. Oh, and did we forget to mention? You don’t have to convert any foreign currencies that aren’t supported by the chosen payment option because we handle it for you.

Additional charges may apply.

We may additionally charge the following fees, depending on your trading patterns (don’t worry, we’re still cheaper!)

Fees may apply.

In contrast to our competitors, WolfCFD charges an overnight cost for Cryptocurrencies, Shares, and Thematic Investments that is based solely on the leverage given rather than the whole amount of your position.

The overnight cost is calculated depending on the total amount of your position in Indices, Commodities, and Forex. The overnight charge varies each instrument, thus you can find it on the WolfCFD platform’s market information panel.

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