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The foundation of our work is the development of strong relationships. We seek people who care about others.

Make it crystal clear.

When dealing with clients or coworkers, being able to communicate properly is crucial.

Take a chance.

Making a new product necessitates taking a risk. We need people who are willing to take risks, make bold decisions, and solve challenges.

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Our firm thrives on fresh ideas, and we're looking for people who can deliver them. Take a look at the list below if you think you have what it takes.

Be Clear

Whether it’s interacting with clients or colleagues, being able to get your message across clearly is essential.

Be Bold

Making a new product means venturing into the unknown. We need those who can take risks, make assertive decisions, and solve problems.

Join our team

Our company thrives on new ideas, and we want those who can provide them. If you think
you have what it takes, have a look below.

To make a referral, simply tap Invite friends button in your app and share the referral link with your friends via sms, email or any other messenger preferred. Please ensure you have your friends’ consent before doing so

To qualify for a referral reward, you should simply refer your friends and we will do the rest. You will get your referral reward as long as your friend deposits a minimum of 200 USD (EUR/GBP depending on the currency of your account) and makes 3 trades.


The referral programme is available (and is visible in the app) for FCA and NBRB clients only. The referral program is not available to Australian Residents under the ASIC licence. Please note that CySEC clients might be referred to and FCA/NBRB clients will be awarded for them.

Please note that CySEC clients can create additional FCA account (if they are from Ireland or UK) to take part in the referral programme.

We are always looking for awesome people!

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