Best Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges

There are more than 5,000 firms that are publicly listed on BSE & NSE, the two major stock exchanges in India. List of Best Foreign MNC Stocks Listed in Indian Stock Exchanges. However, not all of the listed businesses are Indian corporations or businesses with a significant Indian component.

Many of these listed businesses are multinational corporations from abroad that went public in India and received capital from the local stock exchanges. We’ll examine the top foreign MNC stocks listed on Indian stock exchanges in this piece. Go on reading.

What are MNCs?

A company that provides facilities and services to more than one nation besides its own can be referred to as an MNC. They are worldwide administered from their main headquarters, which is often in their parent country while having factories and offices spread throughout many different nations. Please take note that only exporting products for sale in other nations does not qualify a business as an MNC.

The main motivation for a business to become an MNC is to expand internationally and increase its client base in order to increase sales and profits. These MNCs may modify (or add to) their goods and services to better suit the customs and cultures of the nations in which they do business. Additionally, these MNCs must adhere to the laws, norms, and taxation policies of the nations in which they do business.

Benefits of Investing in Foreign MNC Stocks

The majority of MNCs with Indian listings operate from developed nations, which serve as their headquarters globally. These MNCs benefit from advanced technology, a solid business plan, network advantages, an accomplished management team, and, obviously, larger budgets. Additionally, due to their long tenure in the industry, they have gained valuable knowledge in both the smooth operation of businesses and the development of their reputation and brands. These MNCs have more clearly defined corporate governance and business models.

In light of all these variables, foreign MNC stocks listed on Indian stock exchanges might be a suitable choice for investors looking to put money into established, reputable international companies.

List of Foreign MNC Stocks listed in Indian Stock Exchanges

Here is the list of the MNC Stocks listed on the Indian Stock Exchanges along with their Industry, Market cap (in Rs Cr), and their last trading price at the time of posting this article:

S No         Company  Marketcap (Rs Cr)      Industry   Current Price (Rs)

1              ABB India Ltd.           55,850     Electric Equipment    2,636

2              Bata India Ltd.          23,420     Retailing  1,822

3              Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd.             45,500     Household & Personal Products 14,014

4              Abbott India Ltd.       42,750     Pharmaceuticals & Drugs           19,989

5              Bosch Ltd. 48,120     Auto Ancillary           16,315

6              Hindustan Unilever Ltd.             6,15,970  Household & Personal Products 2,622

7              Nestle India Ltd.        1,80,052  Consumer Food        18,675

8              Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd.    43,450     Household & Personal Products 1,600

9              Castrol India Ltd.       11,000     Lubricants 111

10            Astrazeneca Pharma India Ltd.   7,550       Pharmaceuticals & Drugs           3,020

11            Gillette India Ltd.      17,550     Household & Personal Products 5,388

12            Honeywell Automation India Ltd. 33,650     Consumer Durables – Electronics 38,000

13            Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.       27,950     IT – Software             3,200

14            Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.             2,64,400  Automobiles – Passenger Cars    8,750

(Source: Trade Brains Portal)

Final Thoughts

We examined foreign MNC stocks listed on Indian stock exchanges in this article. Since the majority of these MNCs are headquartered in industrialized countries, they make attractive investment choices because of their stable businesses and well-known brands.

The risks of investing in MNCs, however, also include those related to regulation or the law, politics, cultural sensitivity and variations in currency exchange rates. A long-term impact on MNCs may result from the growing tendency of “Vocal for local,” or use and promote local products, which is resented by many ordinary people.

This concludes the post on the list of top multinational corporations (MNC) stocks traded on Indian stock exchanges. Please let us know which of the aforementioned stocks are your favorites and why in the comments section. Happy investing and have a great day.

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